Holoholo Weekend: Staying In for Tsunami Saturday

My husband is the safety officer for the University of Hawaii at Hilo, so when there are looming disasters, like yesterday's possible tsunami from Chile, he shuts down the university and hunkers down at the civil defense office. That leaves us to fend for ourselves, which is pretty ironic since when the UH fire alarms go off, they call him 24/7 to come and take care of it but we don't even have smoke detectors in our house.  We were also low on dog food, low on gas and low on milk. Ironic.  We left the house to gawk at all the gas lines around town, stopped at Wal Mart for food items, then stayed home and watched the live coverage on television.

Where were you on tsunami Saturday? It was a beautiful day. Were you parked along the road watching for the wave, or were you at home like us?

The water getting sucked out near Coconut Island (from our television). I must say we had the best view. Comfy chairs, easy access to the bathroom, refrigerator and facebook. 

Wal mart was a sad affair with empty shelves and cases of water all over the place. 

The only thing left to do was rely on my own freezers and pantry. What I learned from this near emergency: my kitchen is like my cable service - I have a lot of choices but I don't have anything to watch (or eat, in this case). Here are the pics anyway so you can laugh.

Chest freezer, left side - I'm not about to dig down, I'll fall in.

Chest freezer, right side. Scary on this side too.

Pantry - cakes, oriental food, staples

Bottom of the pantry. I found 4 ziploc bags of open powdered sugar. See, nothing to eat.

Freezer under the refrigerator. The ziploc on the top left is actually a lei.

 Wine refrigerator

Coffee and tea 


  1. Eh Titah...no get lazy...your fans are waiting for your next blog. 52 weeks of your Sunday culinary adventures? Pehea?

  2. Your pantry, refrigerator and freezer are like mine. NOTHING! And lots of it. Except instead of all that powdered sugar I have tons of cumin. Don't know why. I also have the lei in the freezer. Same kine. Crazy.

    Glen, like Ken, spent the night prior AND all day at the Civil Defense Center preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. Needless to say he was TIRED when he got home.

    On Tsunami day I went ziplining with my friends. We were surprised it was operating on that day and I guess, why not, it was high up in Umauma. What a beautiful day it turned out to be and we had a blast. Went home and daughter had prepared us a beautiful lunch of orange chicken (that she found in the freezer!) and other assorted yummy goodies. It was my friend's 50th birthday so it was an extra special day, made even more so by the tsunami warning.


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