Sunday Dinner Week #26: They Eat Without Me 1/17/10

I was in Arizona for the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, so since I missed Sunday dinner, the family had it anyway and sent me a picture over the phone.
What I missed most about being away was not the food, or cleaning the house, or planning out the menu. I realize that this is about creating a schedule that everyone can count on, whether we're there or not, it will continue.

Our meetings lasted from 7 am to 4:30 pm, then 45 minutes free time and dinner together.  Here's the sunrise at 7 in Scotsdale Arizona.

The view outside the hotel window.


  1. While the photo of the dinner plate does not really do it justice, we had pulled pork sandwiches on potato rolls that were just so delish. We had exploded potato salad with imitation crab, celery, cucumbers that is reminiscent of Japanese style potato salad.

    Quite good even if Cathy was absent. Life goes on.


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