Sunday Dinner Week #30: Valentines - Wooing Lessons

Our middle boy has been with the same girl for three years, and each Valentine's he tries to up his game with some kind of homemade Valentine, so although this Valentine's was our 22nd anniversary, it was Sunday so we were planning to make dinner instead of going out. This crimped his "wooing" plans since he wanted to cook dinner at our house, so he had to take some wooing lessons from mom and dad to make it work. 
Lesson 1: Food is not just the key to a man's stomach. Women like to be catered to, cooked for and wooed. Ahi's been showing interest in cooking, so Dad taught him the easy Monday pasta dish which is what he made (pasta, Italian sausage, red peppers, onions, fresh basil, roasted canned tomatoes). He also made ceasar salad, tomato, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar pupu with toast, cran/blueberry sparkling cider cocktail and creme brulee).

Lesson 2: Ambience - we have a little covered lanai on the second floor so he just set up a table and some chairs, strung icicle lights, then looked up centerpiece ideas from the internet and made our way to Ben Franklin and Ross.
Lesson 3: start planning earlier (we'll see if he can learn that lesson next year).


  1. Uiha!!! Where did this boy get his streak of Romantique?


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