Beyond the Same Old Same Old

Even rabbits probably get tired of the same old shiitake mushrooms (or in their case, alfalfa and grass), so plant strong = GOOD.

SOS (same old salad) = JUNK!!

I saw a post on Peas and Thank You about salad in mason jars and it looked so festive, so I figured, maybe make the SOS, but make it different to fool ourselves into thinking it's a different lunch we're eating. I don't have mason jars and  recycled marinara sauce bottles would look so recycled. I ended up putting it in our SOBs (same old bowls), but the change in look just made it more palatable and Big Spazz was excited about lunch.

Put a layer of dressing on the bottom (we used our Akira Kurosawa special with the wasabi samurai punch at the end) and then layered some garbanzo beans. Put the things that can be soaked in the dressing on the bottom and end with the things that you want to keep more dry on the top.

Garbanzo beans were followed by tomatoes that also got to marinade in Akira sauce.

A handful of chopped kalamata olives (a little salty but oh so good)

Other crunchy veggies for texture like bell peppers and carrots that can act as a buffer for the more delicate greens that don't want their bodies wet and limp in dressing.

Used about 3 cups of greens including some seasonal mizuna that has a mild flavor but nice crunch in its stalks.

 Add some nuts and voila - an old lunch disguised as a new lunch.

Big Spazz had a hard time mixing the salad because I packed the container, but next time, I'll either pack less or give him an extra bowl.


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