New Year's Resolutions

Big Spazz and I are still trying to lose weight. In fact, we need to lose some of the weight that we already lost (then promptly gained again during the holidays), but this is a long term life challenge and not a new year's resolution. Once our middle boy goes back to college, we are definitely whole tofu and hugh jass salads back on the nutritarian lifestyle, but for now, our new year's resolution is to walk more (we're trying for the 365 miles challenge again) and I'm on a miss to follow the daily declutter calendar.

Yesterday's task: create a donation station
donation and returns

file and send

Today's task: Declutter your cabinets and dust. I actually spent a day organizing cabinets, so the entryway closet was what was left.

Thanks Dad for the Target gift cards. I picked up these storage bins for $8 each and I took advantage of our donation station to get rid of some clutter. Anyone want cowboy hats?


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