Sunday Shopper: Marukai and Palama Market

We're lucky to live on the Big Island, but when we get to go to Honolulu as a family, we usually stop at the  Asian specialty stores to get items we can't get at our local KTA or Kilauea Market. Today's Sunday shopper is from Marukai and Palama Market.

Marukai is a members-only Japanese foods and goods store, but the fee is only about 10 or 20 dollars so if Japanese food is your thing, it's worth the membership.

We bought some dried ogo for the sweet potato poke, Japanese toothpicks (I don't know how to describe it, but it's thicker than the usual and we like it), Italian seasoning for the Italian veggie tofu scramble and some veggie tonkatsu sauce for our Dr. Praeger's burgers.

We also hit Palama Market for the first time. They specialize in Korean food items (near Don Quijote).

They have a large selection of kim chees in their "salad" bar (probably one of the reasons why it smells when you enter), but we specifically went for these potato noodles for my vegetarian jap chae and Big Spazz wanted to try these dried radish strips in homemade kimchee.

We would love to learn how to cook nutritarian Korean. Find recipes? Send them our way.


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