Sunday Shopper: January 29, 2012

Yes, it's Monday night, but here's what's in the stores until tomorrow from Safeway

2 lbs. of luau leaves 5.69 for a crockpot full of palusami
Huge pasta sauce (enough for Chef AJ's disappearing lasagna + extra) 4.99
Safeway fire roasted tomatoes 2/$3 for Butter "Chick'n"
3 lb bag of yellow onions $2
Safeway no-boil lasagna for Chef AJ again 2/5.00
Fuji apples for smoothies, snacks, lunch 99 cents per pound

This week's menu:
Sunday dinner: Disappearing lasagna

  • breakfast - fruit salad green smoothie
  • lunch - leftover vegan lasagna and a side salad from the cafeteria with our own Akira dressing
  • dinner - veggie burgers, mushroom and barley soup - I changed the flavor profile from lemon to vegan mushroom sauce for a more local, oriental broth soup

  • breakfast - oatmeal with apples
  • lunch - Hugh Jass salad with Akira dressing
  • dinner - Pumpkin sage pasta EHH p. 199

  • breakfast - smoothies
  • lunch - leftovers
  • dinner - slow cooker palusami



  • breakfast - Frittata
  • lunch - Costco run to prep for Super Bowl Sunday - noritos and hummus with homemade pita chips for eating in the car
  • dinner - dinner on the road or chana masala with spinach


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