Facing the Truth

You never find yourself until you face the truth. - Pearl Bailey
Want the truth? Being a nutritarian is a LIFESTYLE change, and not a DIET. If it were a diet, Big Spazz and I would be total losers, not biggest losers.

The holidays kicked our ass. Why? Because we allowed it to happen. I have not stepped on a scale for a month, but my clothes are a little snug. See my mantra above: you never find yourself until you face the truth.

Here's my finding myself by facing MY truth:

  • We are joining the new challenge this Monday not because it's a diet that works, but because we want to make this lifestyle change (RIGHT Big Spazz???)
  • When I come across something that is unhealthy, I usually am good about saying no, but if I really want it, I eat it acknowledging that yes it is unhealthy, but I'm going to eat this one piece or 1/2 a piece and I will not lie to myself or anyone else about it
  • It's hard work, even now and there are only so many salads and fruits and smoothies that I can take on any given day, but we trudge on not for glory and praise and competition but for the individual conviction that life is worth living well

  • the 1/2 a taro malasada from Kamehameha Bakery was so unhealthy and full of sugar, but it was ono and soft and crunchy on the outside -- PAU


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