De-Clutter Monday: The Spice Rack

My goal this year is to slowly de-clutter and stave the hoarder gene for as long as possible. I think part of my desire to eat junks has to do with the psychological hoarding of food, so de-cluttering my world is this year's goal.

If you're interested in the de-clutter calendar, here's the link. Last week's success story: discard old spices and organize the spice drawer.

1. Check the expiration dates on spices
2. Use something like a tiered shelf rack so spices are not all at the same level (try google product search under tiered spice rack)
3. I do what I did in my classroom for my thousands of books - I can't be bothered alphabetizing each book, so I'd alphebetize shelves. The shelf on the left has spices from A - L; the right has everything else. I also store the red pepper flakes below the racks.

Next week: tackling the pantry.


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