Day 6 Paleo Log & Cross Fit Mini

I have been combing the internet for paleo food sites, and here's what I learned:

  • there are a lot more people blogging about Paleo food than nutritarian food (perhaps because it takes a little less time to prep everything on Paleo, so they have time to blog)
  • Paleo = cross fit; all the bloggers talk about working out which just eliminates me from this club because I HATE to work out. Don't know what cross fit is? The picture above is your body on cross fit. I think it takes just as much work as any other addiction to continue, like being addicted to crack, or. . . food. I just want to keep my rickety knees and cracking shoulder intact for as long as possible, so I am not keen on working out until you throw up. Those days are OVAH!
  • they use too much fat for my missing my gall bladder self - how do I know this? Because when I follow a recipe to the T and it has too much fat, my body wants to expel it in not so loverly fashion within the next hour or two
With those things learned, and more help from the Whole 30 site(s), I forge on. Whole 30 is the place to start when starting Paleo, so  it's more strict than some of the regular Paleo food blogs.

Today we had a group work out, really a 6 minute WOD (workout of the day) that took 45 minutes - how you figure that? But we Tabata'd it. Let's just say, my thighs and my abdomen are a little tender right now, and if we had done the whole 12 minutes of a regular cross fit, sitting on the toilet would take some mental preparation ahead of time just to squat down within doing the flop and crack the seat routine.

Here's what we ate:
ham, mushroom spinach frittata muffins

Hugh Jass salad with

  • balsamic basil vinaigrette (I'll post the recipe later, this thing is so ONO)
  • assorted crudités 
  • roast beef strips
  • a few olives
apple with almond butter

pork and watercress soup (onion, pork belly, ginger, chicken broth, some kind of choy, watercress, Hawaiian salt)


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