Day 7: WHAT was I thinking?

Day 1 of mini cross fit - not so bad. A little sore on the inner thighs, but walking good, can sit and stand, no problem!

Day 2 - I'm so excited I bring the little one with me to the gym - my Tabata app on the iPad and 4 exercises on an orange post it: butterfly pull ups, prisoner squats, tricep extensions, bicep curls. WHAT was I thinking? Note to self: do not do 2 intensive WODs in a row. I struggled to walk and I couldn't go downstairs to get the dogs. How can 20 second reps x 4 make a body so sore?! By my 4th round of prisoner squats, the young one says, "mom, shouldn't you go down more?" ---NOOOO!!!

Day 7 meals:
ham spinach frittata

Hugh Jass salad with leftover adobo
cold barley tea (I'm seriously having an issue with drinking half of my weight in ounces of water)

smoked/roasted chicken
sauteed brussel sprouts with bacon


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