Leaving Eat To Live Failure for the Paleo

I am not an Eat to Live success case. I just couldn't do it, and my body just kept getting more worn down and more worn down. At 45, I feel much older than that. I need a new shoulder, new knees; I have no gall bladder. . .  My monthlies were getting heavier and heavier until I was on one and then two 600 mg iron pills per day. 

My doctor sent me kicking and screaming to my OB/GYN because the anemia made me dizzy and lethargic. I tried to exercise, but instead of making me feel better, I felt more dizzy, like I was going to just pass out. The vegan diet did not cause my iron issues, but I have always been iron deficient, just that it was not as bad. Basically, I am doing a Novasure procedure to burn the lining down in my uterus, creating a hostile uterus to try and stop my body from hoarding in my uteral wall. Nice dinner conversation.

My iron issues, added to an "Imua Challenge" at work leads me to day one of the Paleo diet. It seems odd to start at dinner, but I did my physical assessment this afternoon and heck if I was going to start before. Paleo, like Paleolithic, caveman, so nothing that would orally be farmed instead of hunt and gathered (grains - even whole, soy, wheat, etc.)

I am once again as heavy as when I started Eat to Live, and having taken the advice of a good friend of mine to get rid of my big clothes, I am in a dire situation if I want to show up at work with more than the four pairs of pants that fit me. 

In the picture of my shopping tonight, I didn't change much except that I have a roast chicken for tomorrow night and the alcohol and green olives are for Big Spazz's alcohol obsession. First he was obsessed with his smoker so we have homemade bacon, smoked pork chops, smoked meat, and on and on. Now he is into alcohol. This is cavemen diet, not Mad Men diet, but he is determined to move on from his Old Fashioned to drinking martinis this week. 

I'm pretty much on my own for this one, so all I can do is try my best. 


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