Hungry Mama's Egg-Free, Dairy-Free French Toast

I had exactly six pieces of bread and I woke up HUUNNNNGGGGRRRRYYY, like grouchy, rumbling, lazy hungry. My normal go to breakfast would be egg in a windows with the bread slices buttered on both sides, then I'd cut a circle in the center and pan fry the bread and "holes," grill it a little, then drop an egg in the window and fry it easy over.

Those days are gone, along with provolone or swiss grilled cheese sandwiches sprinkled with a little sugar.

What I did have - leftover thawed strawberries, soy milk, whole wheat flour, nutritional yeast. Perfect for french toast!?

6 slices bread (four is actually perfect to get the slices gooey, but then what would I do with two pieces of leftover bread?)
1/2 - 3/4 cup non-dairy milk (I used more because I didn't have non-dairy liquid creamer)
1/3 cup non-dairy creamer (I only had powdered, so more soy milk)
2 T. whole wheat flour
1 T. nutritional yeast
1/2 t. cinnamon
1 t. vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients except bread in a shallow dish
Dip bread on each side and place on a preheated non-stick skillet (don't put the heat too high or it will burn)
When it's cooked, serve with whatever toppings are around (or what you are allowed to eat)

Optional toppings:
sliced bananas
fresh berries
thawed and sliced frozen berries (I poured on the strawberry juice that came out of the berries when I thawed it in the micro)
vegan margarine
maple syrup
chopped nuts
powdered sugar
combinations of some or all, etc.


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