Sunday Shopper: November 27, 2011

Besides the turkey, everything else we made for Thanksgiving is plant strong, so not too much shopping this week. We have to deal with repurposing leftovers. This week's deals are at KTA - the one Hilo store I really missed while living on Oahu.

Fruits/Produce - it's a bad time for fruits but get your daily fruit intake with these deals

Pineapple - Dole 79cents/lb. Maui Gold 99 cents/lb. Use it for smoothies, stir fry, kebabs, salsa
Oranges - 79 cents / lb.
Bean sprouts - Taro Brand is on sale for 1.89, but it's cheaper to get the same amount of the Lone Palm brand for cheaper (I think 1.59) - we're using it for pad thai along with a sad looking baby bok choy

Planter's roasted, unsalted peanuts 3.59 - for pad thai and green papaya salad
Pearl soymilk - 1.99 for smoothies


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