Winner, Winner Butter Chick'n Dinner

This is one of the cookbooks I ordered from Amazon - so excited to try it out. I love slow cooker recipes because there's nothing better than coming home and smelling dinner already made.

Our first recipe was a keeper: Butter Chick'n, p. 85. I don't know why it's called chick'n because nothing tastes like chicken, but we liked the garam masala and ginger in this curry. It tasted exotic and hit the spot now that it's getting colder here. I didn't modify the recipe so I can't print my modified version, but here's some pics.

Onion and garlic saute'ed until the onions are translucent. Yes, it still is a slow cooker recipe, but the author says it tastes better when you precook the onions, so I did.

I love fire roasted tomatoes. The magnified taste is worth the more expensive price, and Safeway finally has their own brand of fire roasted tomatoes so it's a little cheaper.

The rest of the ingredients are just mixed into the slow cooker, then everything is cooked on low for 6-8 hours. Unlike other slow cooker recipes, it's ok if you need to leave it in for 8 rather than 6 hours. I actually took it out a little early because we were hungry and it was fine.

The exotic taste comes from the spices: ginger, garam masala, cumin, turmeric

It was already good, but the special little oomph comes from nondairy milk (we used soy milk) and vegan Nature's Balance butter. It's not that much, but when you watch the 1 1/2 tablespoons of nondairy butter start melting into the curry and the thickening of the soymilk, it just feels complete.

The recipe asked for about 15 ounces of tofu, but all I had in the pantry was the box tofu which is about 12 oz so I just added enough kidney beans to make the 15 oz and it was fine. I could have put more kidney beans and it would have still been fine.

 I served it over a bit of brown rice, but now that the weather is changing, my little family is eating more so when we ran out of brown rice, Big Spazz ate his seconds with crusty bread and that was ono too. 


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