Sunday Dessert: Banana "Crack"

Are you addicted to food? Is sugar your cocaine? Or salt? Scientists can't really agree if there is such a thing as a food addiction, but sugar and dessert is definitely my weakness. I obsess over dessert. I dream about gooey brownies with nuts or firm custardy creme brulee with thin iced sugar crackled on top.
Mostly, I miss pistachio ice cream with the right amount of cream and crunch.

Banana "Crack" almost broke my Vitamix, but it's my new obsession and it's nutritarian so it only tastes bad, but it's oh so good. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Banana Crack (serves 3 - if you are worried about your Vitamix or you have another machine, do it in batches)
6 frozen apple bananas or 3 larger frozen bananas, chopped
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
handful of raw almonds

Blend until your Vitamix dies (you know it's dead when you can't hear the motor running). At that point, take a spatula and shove the pieces of banana out of the blade (it's what's keeping the motor from running). Go again until you get a gooey, yummy soft serve banana ice cream with bits of almonds. Scoop into bowls and enjoy your frozen Banana Crack!


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