Save a Turkey. . .

Ride a linebacker. . .because in this household, we would never save a horse to ride a Cowboy. This is a Philadelphia Eagles house. . . so from our aerie to yours. . .

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Today is a cook our butts off day so I'm obviously posting ahead. 

If you need something that is just as good, as the Caesar Chavez dressing, or the Akira Kurosawa dressing (Caesar Chavez with wasabi paste replacing the dijon), definitely try Chef AJ's Hail to the Kale dressing. 

I didn't have the 1 cup of almond butter so I replaced it with unsweetened, unprocessed peanut butter which made it so ONO! The peanut butter, the lime zest, the thick consistency-- it was almost like satay sauce. Toss it with hot pasta for a Thai spaghetti. Marinate tofu in the sauce and broil it. Or put it on salad. Yummy.


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