Sunday Shopper: November 20, 2011

I blog because I need to write.

I write out of silence, to soothe the chaos in my head, to make peace with those things that I cannot control. I write to chase away the disease of forgetting that haunts my history and perhaps my future. I write to leave breadcrumbs in the clouds in case I get lost.

I also hate to write. I hate the visual white noise of a cursor blinking on an empty page. So I'm a lazy writer that needs to write. This is my new theme for Sunday in the same way I will try to do a Wordless Wednesday post.

Sundays are our planning days. It's where we do our shopping for the week ahead and it's usually the only day of the week that I can guarantee that I'm on island. Big Spazz and I will just share some of the deals we found and what we can do with them.

Our local Longs Drugs was the place to be today. Sunday is their first sale day of the week, so you have to be a little more aggressive with your cart in order to get through the crowded aisles.

Not in the pic, but bean thread  was 2/ 99 cents. Use them in

Bamboo shoots 69 cents, water chestnuts 59 cents.  Use them in

  • Thai curry
  • Hot pot (for a simple broth: 8 cups stock or water seasoned with garlic, scallions, ginger and soy sauce)
  • vegetarian wonton for wonton soup (Big Spazz is still perfecting this one)
  • pork/tofu/watercress (without the pork)
Mori-nu tofu (soft, firm, extra firm, lite) 99 cents. Use it in: EVERYTHING

Whole grain pasta 99 cents. Use it in pasta things.

Vegetable broth 69 cents. Use to stir fry, and use it in any broth recipes (here are some we're thinking of trying for Thanksgiving)

What's on sale in your area and what are you thinking of making on your Sunday Shopper day?


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