Thanksgiving Lessons

Scary things I learned about us:

  1. Big Spazz is the Morimoto of Iron Chefs - in the original Iron Chef Japanese shows, Chef Morimoto always writes his menus down before he starts. Here's Big Spazz's planning papers

2.  If I don't pay attention to the mail, suddenly new gadgets pop up for major holidays. Here's our oil free deep fryer that magically appeared in the garage
3.  Muffin tins are the perfect size to roast whole heads of garlic wrapped in foil. Use it in garlic smashed potatoes.

4.  Big Spazz may be Morimoto, but I'm no Martha. I believe in non-frou frou decorations, although Big Spazz did ask where his wooden spoons went.  Once the foods on the table, nobody cares about decorations. Good. Because he used my kabocha centerpiece and "repurposed" it.

5. Here's the BIGGEST Thanksgiving lesson that we never learn. I think we're slow learners. We have no idea how to cook for less than twenty people. 7 people, counting 2 nutritarians does not equal two turkeys (15 lbs. and 18 lbs.)
The second turkey, this one smoked


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